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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August Desktop Freebie

Well since this desktop was created using my new kit "Coffee House" I decided to add it here as well. The same rules apply here as they did on my old blog. First NO FILE SHARING, send people here to get the files if you think they would like them. Secondly you can just click on the image to be taken to your download ;) Lastly, remember a little LOVE goes a long way.

Enjoy! Oh and be sure to check back soon as The kit I used to make this will be posted here for a limited time for FREE! Afterwards it will be going into my Boutique at Divine Digital for $7! So keep checking back to make sure you don't miss out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Resource List

I have decided to put my resource list here on my blog and only include a link to it in my designs. The reason for this decision is that many times resource creators will change their TOU and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes. This way as I acquire a new resource I can post it here (hopefully immediately) and not have to worry about updating all of my designs individually. I hope this is acceptable to everyone involved. This list will be updated regularly.

The following people/companies may or may not have been used as a resource in making my designs. They are mentioned here in alphabetical order:

Special thanks to Acmdesignz
Special thanks to ActionFX - Al Ward
Special thanks to Antje
Special thanks to Ardiva
Special thanks to Art Collaboration
Special Thanks to Atomic Cupcake
Special Thanks to Bobbie25 (Barbara Brundon)
Special thanks to Capris
Special thanks to Carla - MeuScraps
Special Thanks to Cátia Cunha
Special thanks to Creative Art Designs
Special thanks to Creative Chaos
Special thanks to Creed
Special thanks to Damage Inc (Ignus Serpentis)
Special Thanks to Dani Alencar
Special Thanks to DAZ Studio
Special thanks to Deviney
Special Thanks to Doreen Stolz
Special thanks to Dover Clipart
Special thanks to Fa Maura
Special thanks to Finfond
Special thanks to Fringewood Tech
Special Thanks to Hawksmont
Special thanks to Heather Manning
Special thanks to Helena Montero
Special thanks to Janine Oliveira
Special thanks to Julia Fialho
Special thanks to Karanta
Special thanks to Kendra
Special thanks to Little Fox
Special Thanks to Lost & Taken
Special Thanks to Media Militia
Special thanks to Miss Tina
Special thanks to Monica Larsen
Special Thanks to Moyra
Special thanks to Obsidian Dawn
Special thanks to PokeyDots
Special Thanks to Pyna Gabrielidis
Special thanks to Ravenhair
Special Thanks to Roseli
Special Thanks to Royanna Fritschman
Special Thanks to Sarah Laming
Special Thanks to Scraps2You
Special thanks to Shannon Fahrnbach
Special thanks to Scraps by Shilo
Special Thanks to Stacy Carlson
Special Thanks to Sweetmade
Special Thanks to Tracy King
Special thanks to Traveler
Special Thanks to Vectorvaco
Special thanks to Verena Karolyi
Special thanks to Yazooy
Special thanks to Ziggle Designs


**NOTE** Many times I downloaded a Free for Commercial Use font which was not located on the owners site. What I have done is pull the person's name and link (if there was one) from their TOU They are listed in no particular order and will, of couse, be updated as needed

Squirrel Font
Kevin King
Larabie Fonts
Patrick Broderick
Jakob Fischer /
Darren Rigby Design
Black Jack
Vic Fieger
Matthew Welch
Manfred Klein
Igino Marini
FontSite Inc.
Fonthead Design fonts
Felix Braden
Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Dieter Steffmann
Jess Latham
Bernd Montag
Apostrophic Labs
Vigilante TypeFace Corporation

Many Images are found here:


Artists whose graphics I have Used:



Graphic Images / Textures                                                                  
ZaZa - Blog:
Gunhild Storeide -