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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow thanks!

I got so many comments and e-mails about my new kit "Coffee House" I am glad you all enjoyed it, it makes me happy to make others happy ;) If you missed it, the kit will be up in my boutique in a little while. Since some of you missed it I am going to put it in for 50% off for the first week to give everyone a chance to grab it ;)

In regards to my blog, if something doesn't look right I would appreciate a comment. Alex (who keeps his settings at like 1900 eek) says that it comes up funny on his screen and I want to make sure that it looks ok to everyone.

I have a lot of work to get done so I am going to head out but be sure to check my sidebar for all of the awesome deals going on right now. We have the Mega Kit sale to help out Royanna & her family:

Divine Hope Mega Colaboration Benefit Kit
Don't miss out on this amazing kit!!
Over 40 Designers from all over donated their time and talent to make this kit special to help out a divine friend Royanna of Studio RA Designs.
This kit has over 240 Papers, over 300 elements, 3 printable Bookmarks, 3 printable Door Hangers, 4 commercial use overlays, 4 alphas, and 30 quick pages!
By purchasing this amazing kit you will be giving hope to a divine friend plus getting a beautiful and special mega benefit kit, and if that wasn't enough you also get coupons from 8 different designers up to $5.00 off any purchase to their stores!!
All of this for only $5.00!!!
Sounds like a win win to me!!
Royanna had given much to the digital scrapbooking community, please consider giving back and showing our love by purchasing this kit and giving the hope of a better tomorrow to Royanna and her family!!
Some parts of this kit is S4H OK just read each designers TOU :)

Just click on the image to purchase this kit!

Have an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

Just hard to read this blog on the repeating background! Try just the solid tan not the repeating boxes

Tracy Rundle said...

Bravo, most people have no idea what's involved LOL. I am amazed I get all this stuff done, thanks Terrell for putting it into perspective for those who might think we just sit back and wait for customers to buy our kits. I don't know many designers who make a living at it per say. It's a hell of a lot of work and if it was worked out how much we make compared to how many hours of work go into a kit and it's promotion, we are paying to work as a designer not being paid. I am always in the red but I love to design. I will probably deck the next person who looks at me with that "that's not a real job" look on their face, urgh!!!
Hugs to you Honey!!