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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well I heard the word snow yesterday and considering I really need to get my behind out of my chair and get a little exercise I managed to convince Alex & Charles to take a walk. As you can see in this photo, the snow was just starting to fall when we went out at around 4pm yesterday.

And this one as well:

Charles decided that it was too cold for him and ran back to the house - literally ran lol:

After dinner we heard a knock at the back door. Apparently even the natives were having a hard time coping with the snow:

This morning we awoke to no internet and a lot more snow:



Those are just a couple of shots from the back door lol. I have not yet ventured outside. I will be going out later though as I want to get a shot of the ponds, they look awesome with the snow and ice.

Alex had to go outside with a hair dryer and heat up our internet dish lol. It was a bit frozen over and we couldn't get on.

Well, that is all for now, I am hoping that this weather doesn't hinder things too badly. Small town, no ice trucks, no plows (which makes no sense to me since this is farm country lol) and the mail will be slower than the proverbial molasses in winter. Hopefully we won't lose internet.

I need to go and get more items into my eBay store and finish up a mini kit I have been working on ;) Have a great day and stay warm!


Robert said...

Just one advice: CHILL @ FACEBOOK! you're making everybody crazy with thousands of "mafia wars"-stuff popping up on the live feed, when nobody really cares.

Terrell said...

LOL You can block those notices. Unfortunately that's how they get everyone to play together, you make a move and they notify everyone else so they can help.