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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Month in review

We are still having a few issues over at Divine Digital with the reintroduction of the Boutique.  Hopefully it will all be squared away soon.  I can't wait to put all of my new designs up in the boutique.

I am grouping a lot of these posts together since we don't have internet at home yet (hopefully Monday if they were right ;) )  I have been going through my photos as well so that I can match them up with my daily posts.

July 17th

Hmmmm it was another day of butterfly photography but this time they spent a lot of time on the ground:

John was even able to get one to land on him ;) It was pretty cool.

They have a place in Florida called Butterfly World and it's cool for the little ones because you can walk into one area where there are tons of butterflies and they will sometimes land on you. The thing about what we have here is that they don't have to interact, everything is wide open and yet they will land on you if you are patient enough ;)

Alex was at work and the boys spent almost the entire day playing XBOX360 together.  As for me I was happy listening to them play their games and baking.  I made one large Banana Bundt bread, 6 banana bread cupcakes with crumb topping and one large bannana crumb muffin for Alex for his dessert.  For dinner I made chicken cutlets, squash and alfredo noodles.  My back feels like it is going to break but it was worth it.

July 16th

After a quick run to the library we went home, it was mainly Butterfly photography and just hanging around the house today.  John wanted to go out but it started pouring so he was stuck here.  I finally got through the whole telephone and internet mess and hopefully we will have our internet hooked up by the 26th.  Thanks to Tracy at AT&T we were able to get it all straightened out and set up.  Fridays are leftover night so it was a quick clean up thankfully.

July 15th

After court (we went on behalf of a friend of ours) we grabbed John and took a run into Dickson to get some bills paid and let him trade in his old games for some new ones.  I took Charles' games for him and he finally got God of War 3.  We grabbed some cold cuts and decent Italian Bread for Dinner.  We haven't had those in awhile so it really hit the spot.  I went outside to do some more Butterfly photography and Alex & John soon followed.  John climbed the tree again to get some hopefully better and closer shots.  There were a few hummingbirds starting to make their way over as it was close to dusk but we couldn't seem to get any shots of them out in the clear.  What we did end up getting were a bunch of moths - we think these are those Tomatoe horn worms at maturity, who looked really cool and almost always had glowing eyes from our flash lol:

July 9th

Again there were more butterflies.  This one is pretty much a loner, he comes by himself and surprisingly enough the others seem to leave him alone.  The blue type and the orange spotter ones continue to battle it out and this big fellow just goes along his merry way getting whatever nectar he can.

I was able to get really close to one of the others.  Close enough to touch ;)  Charles was my photographer this time.

Of course he flew away rather quickly but it was fun while it lasted ;) 

Apparently the text file I had set up here on Alex's laptop was incomplete - not sure what happened.  I will fill the missing dates in next time.  In the meantime I am uploading the images from those dates - at least the ones I have with me.





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